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Nicole Dumas,

owner of Dumas Build, was the lead carpenter for one of Seattle Homes & Lifestyles' Kitchens of the Year!

Phyllis MacCameron, Seattle, WA

"Nicole does absolutely excellent work. She isn't satisfied with a job that's less than perfect. She keeps her promises about timing, and she works hard and efficiently. The bookshelves she made for me make the room look really nice and are absolutely perfect for my needs. The handsome railing she made for my roof porch is solid as a rock. She told me this kind of work was her passion, and it shows. She hasn't seen the last of me; when I need something built or remodeled, she'll be the person I contact. "

Hauke Gentzkow, Seattle, WA

"We hired Dumas Build to help us remodel our aging backyard. Nicole was a dream contractor to work with, her attention to detail and thoroughness shine through in a number of aspects, and her ability to get things done in a timely manor really helped reassure our anxiety in doing a large and expensive project. Each step of the way Nicole clarified any aspects we were unclear on and was very open to including us in decisions and final details. The results beat our expectations and we are so happy we worked with Dumas Build each day that we enjoy our back yard. I would recommend them to any friend looking for quality construction and carpentry, indoor and out!"

Erin Carlton, Seattle, WA

"Nicole Dumas is an amazing carpenter - ask any of the subcontractors who work with her. She has superior attention to detail and produces absolutely beautiful work. I use Dumas Build for all my construction projects big and small!"

Jannine Koewler, Seattle, WA

"Nicole is a talented artisan with her craft. She is an excellent communicator, and does a thorough job of asking questions about what you envision. She takes the time to make suggestions that will arrive at the best results, and delivers perfection. She is honest, reasonable, and does not cut corners. I would highly recommend her to anyone I know."

Toni-Ann Lupinacci, Seattle, WA

"We couldn't be happier with our deck. Nicole had fresh ideas, was knowledgeable about materials and best of all...finished within budget and on-time!"

Claudia Herald, Seattle, WA

"When you are asking for recommendations for a contractor, one question is most important:  would that person be hired again? In Nicole's case, the answer is  unequivocally yes.  She is reliable, punctual, prepared, and whatever else you can think of.  Her bids are reasonable and completely accurate. My deck is the envy of the  neighborhood.  I wouldn't think of hiring anyone else."

Kevin Hagen & Patty Barr, Seattle, WA

"We loved working with Nicole.  She is a first class project manager, she takes accountability for the performance of her subs and makes great selection of people who's work and work ethic match hers.  She manages schedule and budget like a corporate accountant while at the same time always having a smile, a great attitude and sunny disposition. She worked with us when things were unclear and made sure we knew what to expect and when it would happen. She always gave us confidence and we felt perfectly comfortable placing our full trust in her. And - she her workmanship and attention to detail are second to none.  Bottom line - you want Nicole on your side when you're doing a project. period."

Eugenio Painting, Seattle, WA

"I like to say that it's been a pleasure to work with Dumas Build and I would like to Thank You for the opportunity to work with you. I have no doubt that you will keep forward because of the high quality of jobs that you do. All I have to say is that Dumas Build LLC is the BEST!!"